2017-2018 Coaching Slate

The following are the coach assignments as of April 11, 2017. As much as we’d like to keep the list stable, overall enrollment and other personal matters sometimes force the coach and/or the club to make changes. If changes are made, they will be clearly outlined in this list.   Click here to see coaches bios. 

(updated 6-12-2017)


Team (Age Division) Red Team Coach White Team Coach Black Team Coach
U9 boys/2009 Fredi Maurice
U9 Girls/2009 Lassiter Dave
U10 girls/2008 Leonard Nikki
U10 Boys/2008 Hinz Chris Hinkle Tyler
U11 Girls/2007 Richard / LeAnne
U11 Boys/2007 Steve Vanegas
U12 Girls/2006 Maria (Matt) Devi
U12 Boys/2006 Stuart (Altin) Emmanuel (Altin)
U13 Girls/2005 Marissa Michael
U13 Boys/2005 Franck
U14 Girls/2004 Matt Michael
U14 Boys/2004 Altin Fidelis
U15 Girls/2003 Fredi
U15 Boys/2003 Jose
U16 Girls/2002 Eddie  Dave
U16 Boys 2002 Juan
U17 Girls 2001 Michael
17 boys 2001 Tyler
U17 Boys 2001 Lassiter
U18 Girls 2000 Beth
U18 Boys 2000 Fredi
U19 Girls 1999 Eddie
U19 Boys 1999 Fidelis