Updates and Important Changes 2018-19

There are several important changes for the upcoming 2018-19 Fall Recreational Season.  We will do our best to list them here and explain the “Why” behind the change as we strive to make this the best league in the area; while adhering to the principles of fun, soccer development and United States Youth Soccer Federation guidelines.

U8 Age GroupFollowing the guidelines of US Youth Soccer and Just like every other league in Florida, we will be switching back to 4v4 with no goal keeper; a 4ft x 8 ft goal and a smaller field.

Why?– Touches, touches, touches!!  The field size and format forces all players on the field to engage in the game.  The ball finds each player repeatedly which is what a player needs for development. There is no hiding on the field. This message is consistent with all small sided game formats.  Yes there will be a lot of goals, but that also is worth celebrating as players get to see the “success” of the ball finding the back of the net.

Goal Sizes and No. of Field Players for Each Age Group

U5      3 ft x 6 ft      3 v 3      no goalie
U6      3 ft x 6 ft      3 v 3      no goalie
U8      4 ft x 8 ft      4 v 4      no goalie
U10      6 ft x 18 ft      7 v 7      goalie
U12      7 ft x 21 ft      9 v 9      goalie


Game Uniform Changes:  Each player will receive one Black and one Red Game Jersey, black game shorts and black game socks.  Each player will be uniquely numbered for his/her age group.  Each game the “Home” team will wear Black and the “Away” team Red.

Why?: Gives players the opportunity to carry their jerseys over to the Spring League.  Streamlines the ordering process for uniforms

End of Season Tournament Changes:   U8, U10, U12 will each play in an end of season tournament.  This year will be double elimination to determine each division’s champion.  It will take some creative scheduling but can be accomplished.

Why?: Every team can have one bad game.  Double elimination is a fair way to determine an ultimate league champion.

Medal and Trophies: U5 and U6 will all get participation medals.  Divisions U8, U10, U12 will only have trophies for those teams finishing in 1st or 2nd place.

Why?: For the older divisions, it rewards those who finish strong. We do not adhere to the “everyone gets a trophy” mantra.  Most of those participation trophies and medals for those kids U8 and above after one week get tossed aside; placed on the back of door knobs never to be looked at again; put in the attic or thrown away. We all know this.