We want to thank everyone who participated in the 2019 Harry Olsen Memorial Cup! 

As they say, all good things must pass, and so, too, does the Harry Olsen Memorial Cup recreational soccer tournament.  Our 2019 event will be our final tournament and we want to thank everyone who participated in any way to our success the last 8 years. From our incredible volunteers, coaches, parents and especially all of the recreational players who this tournament was created for, we extend our deepest gratitude!  Best of luck to all of you in the future!

A recreational youth soccer tournament to honor Harry Olsen III, one of the founders of the Wesley Chapel Athletic Association and a driving force behind the establishment and growth of youth sports in the Wesley Chapel and Land O’Lakes Florida area.

Harry was a ‘best friend’ to just about everyone he met.   Harry was no politician; he just did what needed to happen to get the kids out on the field.    Not just his own kids, everybody’s kids.   He would be out there every Saturday morning at 7am lining the soccer fields, and flipping burgers into the evening if that is what was needed.  Harry and a group of ten others put up $100 years ago to start the WCAA, which now is a sports association of more than 3400 families.  Harry nagged the County Commissioners for years about the lack of a public park where the kids could play baseball, soccer, lacrosse, whatever sport.  Look around you now.  You are at the Wesley Chapel District Park, the home of the Wesley Chapel Athletic Association.  Many never got the chance to meet Harry, many more will never forget him.  The people of Wesley Chapel owe him thanks.  Harry never took the credit but rather pushed it onto others.
A lot of the people that have been on the WCAA Board of Directors have spent many board meetings with Harry.   At just about every one of those meetings, if there was any sort of heated discussion, Harry would jump in with his usual line “Hey, I’m as dumb as a box of rocks, but isn’t this what you’re trying to do”, and then come up with a simple solution.   ‘Keep it Simple Stupid.’   It was always about the kids.
Harry…   we’ve been missing you since October 23rd, 2009.  You are often thought of, and never forgotten.  Thank you for all that you have done.