Format & Times:
 Age Group w/ Birth years in each age group Intended Format:
U6 (2013-14) boys and girls divisions 3v3- no goalie
U8 (2011-2012) boys and girls divisions 5v5- incl. goalie
U10 (2009-2010) boys and girls divisions 7v7- incl. goalie
U12 (2007-2008) Coed (separate genders if enough #’s) 9v9- incl. goalie
U14 (2005-2006) Coed 7v7 including goalie

All Game Times; either 6:00 pm or 7:30 pm
Note: game times may change based on interest and # of teams.
Format for each age group may change based on interest, roster sizes and # of players in each division.