Spring Soccer Recreational FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How Many Game season will this entail: 8 League games
  • Will Boys and Girls will be kept in separate divisions?  #’s will ultimately dictate this but this is our intention.  This year U6, U8, U10 will be gender specific; U12 (maybe), U14 will most likely be coed.
  • Can my son/daughter play in this league and do baseball, softball, Lacrosse, basketball, flag football or even another soccer program? : Of course!!  This is why we limit our league to 7 Friday nights only; one Thursday.  Most of our players play Spring Soccer AND something else!!
  • Will there be weekly practices??  No!  Just games on Friday Nights (one Thursday night)
  • Who will be eligible to play in this league??  Recreational,  Developmental Academy as well as younger competitive players will play together and will be grouped by age.
  • Who will be coaching in this league?  Recreational, Academy and Competitive Coaches (most with experience) will be involved with the teams. E-mail [email protected] if you would like to be considered as a coach.  Many will be needed!!
  • What is the format of the games?   U6 will play 3v3 (no goalie); U8 will play 5v5 ; U10 will play 7v7; U12 will play 9v9 ; U14 will play 7v7 (U8 and up all include a goalie)
  • Will there be Referees??  U6- no; U8 and older- Yes
  • When does the Season Start?  First Game is Friday, March 29th
  • When does the Season end? Last Game is Thursday, May 23rd (our only Thursday game)
  • Is there an end of season tournament? No, Not for the Spring League
  • What fields will the games be played?  All U5-U14 Spring League games are played at Wesley Chapel District Park (MAP) located at:  7727 Boyette Road, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
  • What is included with my registration? Registration fee includes all registrations fees, admin fees, county fees, referee fees
  • What is not included with my registration fee?   If Spring League player is not bringing his/her Red AND Black game jersey from this years 2018-19 Fall Rec league; there is an additional $15 charge (total) to purchase those two jerseys. Also, each player is responsible for his/her own Black game shorts and socks; shin guards, cleats, and an appropriate sized soccer ball.
  • How do I know which Age Division my child should sign up for?  The registration software is intelligent enough to direct you to the correct age group.  However, for your information this Age Group Chart will also help you in understanding how the age divisions are formed.  Keep in mind for Spring League recreational soccer we only support  U6, U8, U10U12 and U14  (This is a difference from competitive and is similar to all Tampa area in house leagues) The age group chart will explain it all.
  • How are players selected and placed on Teams?  As this is a recreational league our focus is on player enjoyment.  We attempt to provide equally talented players on all teams.  While this is never going to work %100, and the impact of good coaching can not be underestimated.  I wanted to make sure I was transparent on how we do this.
    Players are given a score of 1 – 10 based upon their age and experience levels.  Coaches are automatically given their own child and may select one additional player.  Example: Their assistant coaches kid or a friend of their child.  We then auto draft players onto teams in a way that provides an equal score for every team.  There are no coaches or parents involved in that part of the process.  The draft is managed only by the recreation director.
  • What if I have two kids that want to play together?  Assuming they are of the same age and will play in the same division, I will accept a few of these requests  However, I do not guarantee this will occur.  If there are too many of these it can break the integrity of the team competitive levels.  Keep in mind I am putting these rules out here for your awareness.  My primary concern is that nothing I do impacts the enjoyment of the entire league.  If I make too many exceptions on this it has the potential to ruin the experience for others.  If you wish to make a request like this please email me the full names of the two children and their date of birth.
  • My Child is really good, can she play up to the next age division? The answer to this question is almost always NO.  We have competitive travel players and other levels of players who are required to play at their appropriate age group.  This request typically comes from the perspective of what is best for my child’s development.  This is not a developmental league.  If you feel your child can not enjoy playing at age level for the purposes of just having fun, then the spring league is not a good choice for you.  We believe that the game itself is the best teacher.  There are no practices for a reason.  We want the kids to play this game in a lower pressure environment as if there were no coaches, and it was just a friendly neighborhood game.  Think about how you played as a child.  Did you make sure all the kids you played with where at least as good as you where.  I suspect not.
  • Questions?? [email protected]